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7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business:  

7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business. Here are 7 awesome ways to boost your business this Diwali.

You might be wondering that how you can improve your business this Diwali. 

Before starting, We should know the real power of  Diwali.

Power of Diwali: "Our peak Diwali sales more intense than US Christmas season" 
                                             Jeff Wilke Interview with Jeff Wilke, 
                                            Amazon's CEO Worldwide Consumer
In 2015 Diwali Snapdeal has maintained 18000 orders per hour therefore in 2014 they were maintained 2000 orders per hour. Did you notice the growth? 

Now we are living in the 2018 world. Think how much potential we have. I have seen people making tonnes of money in one night. But always remember that nights take many hardworking and smart working nights.

Now here are 7 way how you make your business profitable this Diwali

1. Use OLX: 
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

OLX is getting bigger day by day. Olx has 50 million downloads. so now you can imagine how the much bigger audience is here for free. We like Free right? Ok Ok, I heard you! Olx is for second-hand products. That's not a pure true at all. Just took photos of your products (as I said no problem with brand new products) and post it simple. Customers will come your way automatically. Awesome Rights? A free platform helping us to grow our business.

2. Facebook Page Can Help Your Business:     
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

Everyone is on facebook now. Why don't we use Facebook for our profit for our business?  You can create a facebook page for your business and share it locally with your friends and family. Share it on Whatsapp locally groups.
By using Facebook you can easily talk and engage with your customers. Try to understand your audience by facebook. 

3. Instagram Can Help Your Business:
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

I have seen many people are using Instagram for their Business. You can also do the same thing. just create a business account on Instagram. And share it same as we had done for Facebook. I would like to tell that Instagram is more likely to convert sales. It simply means Instagram gives more RIO(Return On Investment).

4. Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads:
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

Now we have created a Facebook page and Instagram Business. But the problem starts now we didn't get likes, post engagement much. So need to know about the thing known as Ads. Right! we can advertise our products on Facebook and Instagram to get engagement. 

5. pod t-shirt : 
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

You heard me right you can to print on demand business on this Diwali. You just need to go to the website of the pod and make your own graphics related to Diwali and order it in bulk and sale it. Simple!
just google it. you will gate a lot of articles about how to do pod.

6. Focus on Marketing locally:
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

You can marketing offline also. Just create some banner ads showing about discounts for Diwali.
Nothing much to tell about it. You can also create templates ads and circulate it with the local newspaper. You can also advertise your ad in the local newspaper.

7. Discount offers:
7 Ways Diwali Can Improve Your Business In India

You need to accept this thing you are not the only one who is doing all this marketing and if you want to stand out. You have to give awesome discounts and offers related to Diwali.

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